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What can you tell me about Charles Street Studios?

Charles Street Studios was started six years ago by a group of potters wanting to get out of the home studio scenario and work in a more professional environment with maximum flexibility and freedom. We launched Charles Street Studios as many area artists found it difficult to access open studio time at convenient times and intervals. The studio is a place for potters to enjoy and develop their skills in ceramics, as well as share and learn from each other.

Who is Charles Street Studios best equipped to serve?

At this time, Charles Street Studios is best equipped to serve experienced ceramic artists who know their way around a studio and do not require instruction. This may change over time.

Is the studio good for beginners?

Regrettably, the answer is no at this time, as we do not offer any instruction for beginners.

When are you open?

We do not have set opening hours. All members enjoy 24/7 access.

Do you offer lessons, workshops, and classes?

Currently, we do not offer instruction or classes. We do offer the occasional workshop, and these will be posted on our site. Sign up for workshop announcements on our home page.

Do you have clay for sale? What about glazes?

Yes, we have select clays for sale. Inhouse glazes are included in the firing price. Inhouse glazes can be made available for sale upon request.

What types of kilns do you have? How often do you do a firing?

We have 2 kilns, a Skutt and an LnL. We fire approximately every two weeks, depending on the amount of work ready for firing.

Can I store my work there?

You can store work in progress in your personal space. Once ready for firing, it is stored on the firing shelves.

Can I host a party or special event there?

Yes, this can be arranged. Speak to management about your needs, and we will accommodate them as best we can.

Is there studio rental space for different kinds of artists?

Yes! We have rooms available for rent that instructors use for painting, drawing, etc. These rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, and a sink. Speak to management about your needs, and we will accommodate them as best we can.

Do you accommodate walk-ins? Can I rent a space for the day or week?

Regrettably, at this time, we do not. Only monthly rentals are available, but you can go month-by-month – no long-term commitment is required.

What are the requirements and fees for renting a studio space?

To rent a studio space, you need to have some prior experience in ceramics and be able to work independently and safely. You also need to sign a rental agreement and follow the studio rules and policies. The fees for renting a studio space vary depending on the studio’s size, location, and availability. Spaces are rented by the month. Please contact us to schedule a tour. We’re happy to show you around!

What facilities and equipment are available in the studio?

The studio provides a range of facilities and equipment for ceramic artists, such as:

  • Electric and kilns for bisque and glaze firing.
  • Pottery wheels, slab rollers, extruders, and other forming equipment.
  • A variety of clay bodies are available for sale, and in-house glazes are included in the firing fee.
  • Work tables, shelves, sinks, and drying racks.
  • A glazing area as well as outdoor spay glaze capability.

How do I book and use the studio space?

Monthly rentals are available. In order to sign up for a monthly rental, an in-person interview and prepayment are required.

You can use the studio space any time, seven days a week. You need to bring your own tools, aprons, towels, and personal items. You are responsible for cleaning up your work area and tools after each session. You can store your work-in-progress and finished pieces on your designated shelves. You can pick up your fired pieces within one week after firing.

How do I ensure a safe and healthy studio environment?

To ensure a safe environment for all, you are asked to follow the studio safety guidelines, including the following:

  • Wear appropriate clothing, shoes, gloves, and eye protection.
  • Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking in the studio.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after working with clay and glazes.
  • Use a respirator or dust mask when handling dry materials or spraying glazes.
  • Use local exhaust ventilation or open windows when firing kilns or using a spray booth.
  • Dispose of waste materials properly and recycle clay scraps.
  • Report any accidents, injuries, or hazards to the studio manager.

What are the benefits of renting a studio space at Charles Street Studios?

Renting a studio space at Charles Street Studios gives you access to a fully equipped and maintained ceramic studio where you can work on your projects at your own pace and schedule 24/7. You also get to be part of a supportive and creative community of fellow artists who can offer feedback, advice, and inspiration. Renting a studio space can also help you save money on materials, tools, and utilities, as well as avoid the hassle of setting up and cleaning your own home studio. Our space has tons of natural light, plenty of free and easy parking, and offers you a quiet, hassle-free workspace where you can hone your skills.
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