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Every serious ceramic artist and potter needs a clean, uncluttered, private and accessible place to work that is free from everyday distractions and interruptions. That’s why Charles Street Studios is the go-to workspace for ceramic artists in Bergen County NJ

Dear NJ and NY ceramic artists, potters, hand-builders, throwers and artists working in other mediums, we have the perfect place for you to do your work right here in Bergen County.

Your Own Space, Anytime You Need It

At Charles Street Studios Bergen County, you can work in your own pottery studio, conveniently located in Northvale NJ anytime you want. With a monthly rental, you get your own private workspace. No one will touch your work and you’ll have 24/7 access, day or night. Got a sudden burst of inspiration at 3 AM? No problem, we’re always open for you so you can work anytime you want.

All the Gear, Right Here

We’ve stocked up on the equipment and supplies you need to be productive so you can dive right in. Clay? Check. Glazes? You bet. Kilns that can handle anything you throw in them. Absolutely. Plus, extruders, shelves, tables and more. We’ve got it all.

A Community That Gets It

Having your own space is great, but sometimes you want to bounce ideas off a fellow artists. That’s the beauty of Charles Street Studios. You’ll be part of a community of artists who are just as serious about ceramics as you are. Share tips, get feedback or just chat about your latest project.

Keep Your Focus

With everything you need at your fingertips, you can stay focused on what really matters: creating something inspiring and beautiful. No distractions, no interruptions, just you and your art. We support ceramic art in Bergen County NJ and cater to experienced potters who need the space to create all at very affordable rates. We’re also near Nyack NY and other local communisis in northern NJ.

An Added Bonus

We host a Spring and Winter pottery show where you can show and sell your work. We promote these shows with online marketing and advertising to attract large groups of eager pottery lovers ready to purchase your work. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your work and generate income. We also have periodic pottery workshops covering a range of topics – maybe you want to host one yourself – let’s discuss.

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to take your ceramic practice to the next level, Charles Street Studios welcomes you with open arms. Come experience the joy of creating in a space designed just for you. Join our community, improve your craft and let your clay creations take off. Contact us to learn more and arrange a tour. We have a space waiting for you!

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